Thamani Company has implemented an efficient, inexpensive and user friendly electronic filing software system to accommodate out dated and inefficient customs paper filing to customs paperless filing of the new age technology. The Company provides the software to: Carriers, Brokers, Freight Forwarders, Service Centers, Importers, Exporters, and Self-Filers; and is an official CBP Certified Automated Broker Interface (ABI) Software Vendor. The electronic filing system eliminates the use of customs paper filing and backup log of goods in customs warehouse while facilitate fast and easy validation of duties, taxes, fees and cargo release of goods. The software is self-guided software adaptable by both CBP beginners and versed users by populating the next field with data information; enabling the required field data and disabling the unnecessary field data; and activating the mandatory records and deactivating the unessential records, all of this according to the previous data information entered as the users go on filing the entry summary. The software also performs all kind of pertinent computations for the user such as tariff number check digit calculation, populate the field data with the correct rates, calculate the duty, fees, etc… To obtain a complete list of the software capability, package deals, and price click iecusoft products also review the system requirements and Thamani Contract Agreement (TCA) Document click TCA. To download a the Demo click IECuSoft Demo. To download Drawback click IECuSoft Drawback